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16 Drawer Apothecary Cabinet

These type cabinets were used by pharmacists and physicians to store medications in the 18th and 19th centuries. There was often a "secret" compartment in the rear to hold poisons while drawers in the front held all of the necessary accessories including a mortar and pestle, graduate, medicine spoon and scales. Remedies for various ailments were stored in a cabinet like this

By the beginning of the 20th century, these beautiful cabinets went out of style when pre-formed pills and mass-produced packaging took the place of individually measured powders and ointments.

This cabinet is a great accent piece for any room and can store and display all sorts of things. It is constructed of solid pine wood and is finished with Milk Paints of your choice. See WOODS/FINISHES for details and other selections.

Overall Size: 34" High x 30" Wide x 12" Deep

There is a 25 Drawer version of this Apothecary Cabinet also available.

Other sizes available. See "CUSTOM ORDERS".

Apothecary Cabinet
Country Store Bin
Cabinet Price: $595.00
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Cabinet and Mirror Price: $675
Mirror Price: $135