Hoosier Cabinet
If you are not able to find the piece that you are looking for, please email us with your requirements. Any pictures, sketches or drawings that you may have would be helpful.

We do specialize in building country antique style furniture. HOWEVER, we pretty much build whatever the customer wants. No matter what the style.

So, if your favorite style is something else, let us know. We can more than likely build the piece in the style that You Like Best.

If size is a problem on a particular piece that you like, let us know  the dimensions that you need. We can probably adjust the size to fit your needs.

The colors that are available in the Antique Milk Paint finishes can be seen at Custom colors are also available. Normally, these types of painted finishes are used on Pine or Poplar type woods. Various oil and water-based stains are typically used on the Hardwoods, such as Oak and Maple. See WOODS & FINISHES for details.

Again, if you need a piece of furniture to fit within a certain area of your home and our sizes shown are too large or too small, let us know. I'm sure we can make the adjustments to accommodate  your requirements.

Please Contact Us with your requirements.
Pie Safe
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