Hoosier Cabinet
creating reproductions of original, look alike, country furniture.

Our country-antique furniture is handcrafted in the tradition of
quality workmanship with your choice of wood and finish. Each piece is handmade, as you have selected, and is crafted
to last from generation to generation.

We do specialize in building country antique style furniture. HOWEVER, we pretty much build whatever the customer wants. No matter what the style.

So,if you don't find exactly what you are looking for, let us know.We can more than likely build the piece in the style that you like best. See CUSTOM ORDERS for details.

Traditional MILK PAINTS are used and we offer a standard aged paint finish or a distressed paint finish. In addition, colored stain finishes are also used, particularly with hardwoods, such as Oak or Maple. Each piece is finished by hand in one of the finishes that you have selected. See WOODS & FINISHES.

You have the flexibility when choosing a particular piece. If you have size requirements other than what we show, we can CUSTOM SIZE it for you. Depending on your selection, and our current backlog of orders, completion time for your order will vary. An estimate of time to complete your order will be provided when selection details have been finalized. Remember, the furniture piece that you select will be Handcrafted with your choice of wood, finish and size. See CUSTOM ORDERS for details.

Country Antiques remain very popular as a decorating motif for several reasons. They are often painted in attractive colors and provide the opportunity  to bring color into the home. Something that's not always characteristic of antiques in general.

Original pieces, however, can command very high prices, depending on their age, style and value as collectibles. Original pieces may not be sturdy enough to withstand ordinary use because of their age or the homemade style in which they were created.

Our reproduction country furniture is built to last a lifetime.

The average American Home in the late 1800's and early 1900's was centered around the kitchen where the typical housewife spent a great deal of her time baking bread, cakes, pies and preparing meals. The "Hoosier Cabinet" represents an era most of us never knew. It is the icon of American Country Furniture. It was the focal point of the kitchen and a part of the daily lives of our mothers and grandmothers. Another kitchen cabinet was the "Pie Safe" which was used to store freshly prepared foods while cooling. See COUNTRY FURNITURE ICONs.
Pie Safe
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