Woods & Finishes

Hoosier Cabinet
There are several choices of wood, depending on the piece of furniture. Pine and Oak are normally used. Other woods such as Maple, Black Walnut, Poplar, Cherry and Mahogany are available on request.

We use MILK PAINTS for the various pieces of painted furniture. Milk Paint has been in use for Hundreds of years. Early American Craftsmen made the first Milk Paints from a formula that dates back to Ancient Egypt. The paint mix was a combination of milk protein, quicklime and earth pigments. Milk Paint is the oldest and most long-lasting paint available. There are examples of Milk Paint finishes a few hundred years old that still reflect the true color of the day they were applied. The colors were strong and bright.

The actual Milk Paint Colors can be seen at www.milkpaint.com

In addition, colored stain finishes are also available, particularly on Hardwoods, such as Oak. Other finishes, such as Tung Oil or Danish Oil can also be applied.

Distressed wood finish is done, in varying degrees, to achieve that old, aged look on painted pieces. Surface painted areas will show thru to layers of paint underneath.

Pie Safe
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