Hoosier Cabinet
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Originally we were involved with collecting and selling all types of American Country Antiques from the 1800's to the early 1900's. It had become more difficult to find pieces at prices that most people could afford.

As a less expensive alternative to the original country antiques, we decided to make our own "look-alike" reproductions of some of the more popular country antique pieces. We have been building them for many years.

We do specialize in building country antique style furniture. However, we pretty much build whatever the customer wants. No matter what the style.

Reproduction antique furniture allows you to own your favorite country antique piece at a cost considerably less than an original. That is, if you can find an original.

There has been an increased interest in Hand Built  furniture of good quality and a trend towards "One of a Kind" pieces that can become heirlooms in the future. Maybe the reproductions we are handcrafting today will be the antiques of tomorrow.

Apothecary Cabinet
Country Store Bin